hi,i am ralf benedict m. flores, i am the one who made this webpage, i was born on november 21,2008, my favorites are: food,technology,science,nature,the outdoors, sewing, etc. and i am very energetic and has lots of friends, i like fridays because that is when i can play with my beyblade in school, my home country is the philippines, and i was born and raised in quezon city, commonwealth, and i live on a medium rise building, my house is located near our evacuation center, and i have 2 sisters, one father,and one mother, and, i also like creating websites ever since i have found websites that can help you create a website without seeing a single line of code, but, lately, i have found that these website makers do not give you enough freedom, especially with the templates,you can't create one and you have to choose between a set of templates,and almost everything is laid out for you, that is why i switched to html,since i discovered that it cand give you lots of freedom with your website.

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